PCV Training

Driving a bus or fleet truck is not like driving a car or SUV. Buses and similar sized vehicles are overly large, they have tight turning radiuses, and quite a few blind spots. Given the trouble one can have driving this type of large vehicle without proper training, the UK has a set of rules and regulations one must follow to become a PCV driver. PCV is the licence for buses, where as LGV or HGV is meant for large goods vehicles.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA is in charge of the driving tests needed to be passed by anyone who wants to drive these large vehicles and buses. A D2 form is needed from the Post Office or Traffic Area Office before going to the DVLA. The application must also have a D4 medical form filled out stating that the driver is healthy enough to get the PCV licence required to drive a bus. PCV training provides a provisional licence at the beginning which allows a person to go to the DVLA with the D10 form, D4 form and D2 form. These forms will allow for a person to take the relevant theory test for the category of licence they are applying for. Once the test has been passed the appropriate licence will be given.

Under PCV training there are different levels of certification which provide you with training on the type of bus you might drive. For example, bus, coach, lorry and minibus training courses exist. Training facilities provide specialist teams in these areas to help offer the best training for the type of driving you will be doing or want to be hired for. Training can be on manual and automatic coaches to ensure you can handle any form of bus.

To obtain a provisional licence to drive buses one must first hold a Class B licence. This is a standard drivers licence that everyone has to drive regular cars and SUVs. This training is needed first before one can graduate to larger vehicles.

CPC training such as periodic and initial training can also be found through the PCV training facilities. PCV training is broken down into regions by most of the training companies. While there are some training companies that have facilities in the whole of the UK most look for a facility nearest them in order to get the right training near to their home.

If you are already hired as a bus driver but need training the company that hired you may send you to a company they work with. In fact this is most common with tour companies that hire new drivers. They want to ensure their drivers have the training they prefer and therefore they will send the driver to their preferred training facility.

PCV training can be combined with other training centres for LGV and HGV vehicles. Many of the larger facilities actually have all types of driver training programmes to provide a well rounded education for drivers.